I've set up inside of my CPanel to have all emails sent to [email protected] to be piped into a python script of mine. How would I go about having any attachments saved into a specific directory on the server and perhaps see the subject/message of the email itself?

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    The docs on the formatting of a forwarded email are not exactly, well, existing. Does it give you a mutlipart message, some sort of stringified representation thereof, some path to the file on the server, or something else? Unless @Thomas' answer works for you, it's hard to tell you how to process this data correctly when we can't find out how the data is formatted.
    – Silas Ray
    Jan 17, 2013 at 23:14

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You can use the email package to process MIME-formatted email messages. Use email.parser.FeedParser to parse the message and get back an email.message.Message object:

  • Treat it like a dictionary to get header fields like Subject.
  • Use is_multipart() to check whether it is multipart and therefore might have attachments (or it might just be a plain-text + HTML message).
  • Use the walk() method to recursively walk over all multipart submessages. Submessages with a Content-Disposition header starting with attachment are attachments, and you can get their contents using get_payload().

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