I'm a new to mobile apps development, so sorry for such a silly question.

I have a scene made in Adobe Flash (saved as FLA). There is no Action Script, just a vector drawing.

So now, I'm developing an application for iOS/Android ("Mobile Flex Application" in Adobe Flash Builder) and I need to use that drawing.

I've been searching how to do that for a few hours, tried to export my drawing as SWC and FXG files - but nothing worked in Flash Builder.

So, how can I import it into Flash Builder?

Show me the way please!

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    You can use the [Embed] metadata tag to Embed FXG graphics in Flash Builder. I prefer pure actionscript 3 projects in Flash Builder and I use .swc libraries. It's just a matter of adding them to the build path(via project settings > Flex Build Path > Library Path > Add SWC), something like this. The nice thing about it this is the assets exported for Actionscript in the swc will appear in the autocomplete – George Profenza Jan 18 '13 at 5:15

You can embed swfs like so:

public var swfCls:Class;

then in mxml, use a SWFLoader to display it:

<s:SWFLoader source="{swfCls}" />
  • yes, but there is a strange thing: whole swf doesn't work but if i embed symbols from it - [Embed(source="assets/5f10bf76b5.swf", symbol="diffright")] - it works! – dimaninc Jan 20 '13 at 21:11

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