I tried object detection for a couple of different objects both using David Lowe's implementation and OpenCV implementation (just changed 'SurfFeatureDetector' -> 'SiftFeatureDetector' and 'SurfDescriptorExtractor' -> 'SiftDescriptorExtractor' in this code).

It seems the opencv implementation is far worse! Lots of false positives and fewer keypoints detected! I tried to play with the 'SiftFeatureDetector' params like sigma/contrastThreshold etc but the results were always far worse than the original David's version.

  • Is the opencv implementation of SIFT quite 'different' from the original David Lowe's implementation?

  • Does anyone know of a good parameter set for 'SiftFeatureDetector' so that the results for the object images provided with David's implementation (like box.pgm/basmati.pgm..) may seem similar to David's version.


VLFeat's SIFT implementation is quite close (in terms of feature output) to the original implementation.


I am using the OpenCV's implementation of SIFT and comparing with David Lowe's implementation available at his website. Adjusting some params I had good results.

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