I can't figure out how to bypass a form field inside a form when a certain button is clicked.


In my case, I want to bypass the newpassword and newpassword2 (which is needed if the user wants to change password) because I have a button so the user can delete his account. Without bypass, he has to fill in a newpassword and confirm it before he can delete his account.

These are the id's:

  • Delete button: deletemyacc
  • Form name: updelacc (because update / delete account option within this form)
  • Form field names to bypasss: newpassword and newpassword2

Now this code works, but it skips ALL validations, while I still want the old password form field to be validated and the users email.

$("#deletemyacc").click(function () {
  $("#updelacc").validate().cancelSubmit = true;
  • Show your HTML and the rest of your jQuery so we can better help.
    – Sparky
    Jan 18 '13 at 16:00


$("#deletemyacc").click(function () {
  $("#updelacc").validate({ignore: ".ignore"}).cancelSubmit = true;

this way ignores all elements with class 'ignore'

Source: http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Validation/validate#options

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