A silly question. When I exit from RAD Studio XE2 and then I start it again, I find that all the previously open things now are closed and I must restore them manually.

I would like to find already open

  • the project group that was open on previous lession,
  • all its open pages (source files, welcome page etc. for instance)
  • breakpoints
  • bookmarks

So I can continue working on it without remembering everything.

Eclipse and Visual Studio do this. How can I make RAD Studio restore all these things (or some of them) on startup?

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Try clicking "Auto Save Project Options" on the first page of the Tools/Options dialog.

From the help file:

Autosaves or updates the project desktop file (.dsk file extension) when you close the project or exit the product.

The .dsk file records your current settings for:

  • Desktop layout
  • Breakpoints
  • Watch items
  • Files currently open in the IDE

When you reopen the project later, the .dsk file is read, and your desktop layout, your breakpoints, and your watches are all restored. Also, all files that were opened when the project was closed are opened again, regardless of whether they are used by the project.

  • This option doesn't seem to be there in Rio, do you happen to know if it is still hidden somewhere? Commented Mar 26, 2020 at 10:52

As of 10.3 Rio, you can find this option in Tools > Options > IDE > Saving and Desktop under the Autosave section,enter image description here

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