On Orchard 1.6 I have defined a custom content type named Offer, this Offer has a pack field. On the page displaying one offer I want to display a short list of the other offers with the same pack.

To do this I have tried to make a projection but how can I specifiy in the query filter that the pack field must be equals to the pack field of the offer currently displaid?

Thank you.


You can write a content handler to store the currently displayed content item for later use in the request:

public class MyContentHandler : ContentHandler
    readonly IOrchardServices orchardServices;

    public MyContentHandler (
        IOrchardServices orchardServices)
        this.orchardServices = orchardServices;            

    protected override void BuildDisplayShape(BuildDisplayContext context)
        if (context.DisplayType == "Detail" && ((IShape)context.Shape).Metadata.Type == "Content" &&
            orchardServices.WorkContext.GetState<ContentItem>("currentContentItem") == null)
            orchardServices.WorkContext.SetState("currentContentItem", context.ContentItem);

Then you can write a projection filter using the content item reference stored in the state. (See Orchard.Tags.Projections.TagsFilter as an example of how to write a projection filter.)

  • This solution will only work after the content will actually get displayed (display shape gets created). You won't be able to get the current item this way earlier. May 14 '13 at 20:03
  • You can use this in a view like... var item = WorkContext.GetState<ContentItem>("CurrentContentItem");
    – Hazza
    Dec 19 '13 at 11:42

I don't believe this is currently possible. You would have to write your own code to do this I am afraid.

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