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Why does an URL like

...ends up serving /wordpress/wp-content/themes/bktf/frameworks/back-end/theme-options.php/options/fields/font/field_font.js.php (this is also the content of `$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']). the context of having both a dir name theme-options and a file name theme-options.php in the same back-end parent dir?

Also, the content of $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] is /wordpress/wp-content/themes/bktf/frameworks/back-end/theme-options.php.

Why does Apache or the PHP module automatically add .php at the end of a directory name just because there is a scrip with the same as the dir???

Note: I am using the default configuration for Apache and PHP for Ubuntu 12LTS server, installed via tasksel and then upgraded to PHP 5.4 with the PPA, with all the configuration files mostly identical with the defaults/examples - it's a basic LAMP server meant to run in a VM for dev purposes.

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PHP_SELF refers to the file being run on the server, not the current url. Read the PHP $_SERVER manual for more info:

Try $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] instead. That will give you the query string at the end.

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I know that! That's the point actually, the file being run on the server, $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] has .../theme-options.php/... in itr's path while the URL has .../theme-options/.... The server just adds a ".php" tot a dir name in the URL, just because there is a script with the same name as the dir! And my only reaction to this isL WhyTF?! – NeuronQ Jan 18 '13 at 20:12
Is the script working? Or is this causing it to fail? I know wordpress has htaccess rules for dealing with files vs. directories. That is probably where the redirect is happening. – Eric Jan 18 '13 at 20:16
nope, there's no .htaccess so it doesn't seem to be a redirection problem... the only related thing I found after some googleing is but it doesn't seem to apply for my proble... – NeuronQ Jan 18 '13 at 20:27
Hrm... usually wordpress generates an htaccess file, is it hidden by any chance? (files beginning with a . are normally hidden by default) – Eric Jan 18 '13 at 20:37
no, no .htaccess file... but I figured out what was happening... sorry for the "complicated" way of describing the problem in the question – NeuronQ Jan 19 '13 at 9:25

PHP_SELF = The filename of the currently executing script, relative to the document root. SCRIPT_NAME = The current script's path.

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see comment to Eric's answer... maybe I phrased the question a bit awkwardly, but my problem is not about the $_SERVER vars, it's about the server serving a script with GET arguments intead of following along the directories in the URL... – NeuronQ Jan 18 '13 at 20:16

OK, the my question was a bit confusing, so I can understand why everyone answered a different question then the one I asked.

Anyway, what was happening in my case was that there was no theme-options dir (renamed it and forgot) and Apache translated requests like /[...]/theme-options/[...] to /[...]/theme-options.php/[...] because there was a theme-options.php script.

I still don't know why an Ubuntu LAMP setup with all the default config does this weird path juggling, but I solved my immediate problem.

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Apache translates requests to certain file with extension because of enabled MultiViews option:

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