I am displaying a list of images. If the user has uploaded an image, I want to keep its opacity 0.5 and in the list of images, the images uploaded by others should have full opacity. I have done it as follows, is there a better way to do it??

{% if request.user == obj.shared_by %}
       <div class="item-image" style="opacity:0.5;filter:alpha(opacity=50);"> 
          {% else  %}
          <div class="item-image"> 
          {% endif %}
        ......Some code here....



I normally go for:

<div class="item-image{% if foo %} own-image{% endif %}">...</div>

but switching out the entire div tag may be more readable.

Either way I'd do the styling with another class, not with inline css.

  • Why I can't do this <div class="item-image{% for foo in foos %} {% if foo %} own-image{% endif %} {% endfor %}">...</div> why can't I use for loop inside of an element's attribute ? – Ahtisham Apr 17 '18 at 5:59
  • 1
    this should probably be a new question but that should work. the template language doesn't know or care about the semantics of the surrounding html – second Apr 19 '18 at 10:00

I have added class on if condition by this way....

<li class="nav-item {% if app_url == '/' %} active{% endif %}">

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