I have a socket which connects to an irc server and sends some commands during the connection.

Seems like this:

        $socket = @fsockopen(IRCIP, IRCPORT, $errno, $errstr, IMEOUT);
    stream_set_timeout($socket, TIMEOUT);
        fputs($socket, "SVSLIST\n");

But it takes a bit long (mostly, 0.5 second but sometimes its up to 1.5 second) Not to mention that both php script and the irc server works on the same machine.

So i would like to ask how can i speed up this process? I was using readfile with different kind of mechanism (building a httpd server as module in that irc server and redirect the readfile to do queries) to do that, it was pretty fast.. Is there a way to boost the speed? Thanks.


The last parameter of fsockopen() is the timeout, set this to a low value to make the script complete faster, like this:

$socket = @fsockopen(IRCIP, IRCPORT, $errno, $errstr, 0.1);

Also... you have to know that this code:

$socket = fsockopen('www.mysite.com', 80);

Is way slower than:

$socket = fsockopen(gethostbyname('www.mysite.com'=, 80);

One last thing... if your script has to be run locally on the same machine of the IRC server, just use to connect instead of the machine public IP address.

  • i am already using the ip address instead of a hostname. should be the same as you suggested. let me try the timeout value. thanks. – jamall55 Jan 20 '13 at 0:49

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