I'm doing a division in a JSP and I'd like to round the result - how should I do this?


  value="${(expire.time - now.time) / (60 * 1000)}"/>

...how do I round the result?



As an alternative:

<fmt:formatNumber var="expiry"
  value="${(expire.time - now.time) / (60 * 1000)}"
  maxFractionDigits="0" />

This way you do not lose localization (commas and dots).

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    I'd agree with this answer. JSTL should not be concerned with "properly" implementing any logic like rounding. That's a middle tier decision. JSP and JSTL should only be for display. The format tag is the correct thing to do.
    – duffymo
    Sep 18 '09 at 9:59

I used:

${fn:substringBefore(expiry, '.')}

which truncates rather than rounding, but that may be good enough.

  • Just what I needed, truncate. Thanks!
    – Jan
    Jun 15 '12 at 9:53
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    Be careful, in some languages the decimal separator is the comma (e.g. Spanish) Jul 15 '14 at 16:39

It may looks like:

<c:set var="expire" value="100"/>
<c:set var="now" value="3"/>

 <c:when test="${(expire mod now)!=0}">
  <c:set var="res" value="${(expire - (expire mod now))/now}"/>
  <c:set var="res" value="${expire/now}"/>

note: i think you should use mod anyway or % functionality of jstl,i use mod in example. Test,please, "expire" and "now" variables with different values, should work ok.


What about this dirty hack:

  value="${(((expire.time - now.time) / (60 * 1000) * 100) - 0.5) / 100.0}"/>

But I would do this in a bean and just show the result here. Beside this, you can define functions in your tld or, if that is not supported in your environment get functions in the expression language by implementing a Map and (ab)use it. You implement the get(Object) method to do what you want and call it like this:

  value="${Helpers.round[(expire.time - now.time) / (60 * 1000)]"/>

Note, Helpers provides a "getRound()" method which returns your Map implementation.


With the current EL version you can use

<c:set var="expiry"
value="${Math.round( (expire.time - now.time) / (60 * 1000) )}"/>


<c:set var="expiry"
value="${Math.floor( (expire.time - now.time) / (60 * 1000) )}"/>

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