I want my XSLT to check

<xsl:if test="If at least 1 child node exists">
  Only node1 can pass the if condition

Thanks for any reply.


Firstly, be careful with your terminology here. Do you mean "node" or do you mean "element". A node can be an element, comment, text or processing-instruction.

Anyway, if you do mean element here, to check at least one child element exists, you can just do this (assuming you are positioned on the node element in this case.

<xsl:if test="*">

Your comment suggests only "node1" can pass the if condition, so to check the existence of a specific element, do this

<xsl:if test="node1">
  • Thanks for your answer. I got a confusion among those terms. Will be more carefull next time – Tran Ngu Dang Jan 22 '13 at 2:37

In the context of the node you are testing, this should work to test whether a node has child elements:

<xsl:if test="*">
  Only node1 can pass the if condition

If you actually meant nodes (which would include text nodes), then this would work to include text nodes:

<xsl:if test="node()">
  Only node1 can pass the if condition

But <node> would also pass this test (<node2> wouldn't). I assumed you were only speaking in the context of <node>'s child nodes, but perhaps not?


Expressions that match a node are truthy, whilst expressions that don't match anything are falsy, so:

<xsl:if test="node()">

However, your question and the implied condition "Only node1 can pass the if condition" are at odds with the example. Both node and node1 have child nodes, so both would pass this if condition.

To limit it strictly to node1, you have to either ensure that the template context is appropriate, or check that the node in question is not the documentElement.


The wording of the question is unclear but I think you just want to process child nodes that have themselves got children (ie grandchildren of the current node)

<xsl:template match="node">
 do stuff for node
  <xsl:apply-templates select="*[*]"/>

will just apply templates to node1 as it has a child node, it will not apply templates to node2.

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