I work with a team, and we use Subversion.

In the morning I want to see exactly what was changed since the last build, is there a way to get a list of files that were modified between changesets?

Update Using tortoiseSVN please


With TortoiseSVN: rightclick, pick TortoiseSVN->Show log.

You'll get a list of revisions and can pick any two to compare.


This has been long ago, but to precisely answer the original question, i.e. "is there a way to get a list of files that were modified between changesets in TortoiseSVN", here is a way to achieve that:

  1. On top-level folder, right-click and TortoiseSVN --> Show log.
  2. From the list of revisions, select all back to, but not including, the last revision that you want to compare against
  3. Right-click on the selections and chose Compare revisions
  4. Now you're looking at a list of all modified files since that particular revision

Original article: http://www.andornot.com/blog/post/How-to-export-only-files-modified-since-revision-x-with-TortoiseSVN.aspx

  • This is great! I just wish Tortoise provided more options to sort by. – Darth Continent Jan 10 '13 at 15:56
  • 2
    UPDATE: In current TortoiseSVN, it is NOT necessary to select all the files in between. You can simply click on one revision, then ctrl-click on the other revision (so the two are selected), then rt-click on either one, do "Compare revisions". This WILL show all changes between those two revisions, including changes made in any intervening revision. (Useful tip: Once in that compare dialog, you can click on either one, to change to a different revision for comparison.) – ToolmakerSteve Oct 18 '17 at 19:28

Usually svn outputs exactly that list when you do an update.

svn diff has a --summarize option, too:

svn diff -rPREV:HEAD --summarize
svn diff -r10374:11128 --summarize

You'll get the idea :-)


The -u option to svn status shows which files have been changed on the server since the last time you did an update. This can be useful to get a preview of what's about to change for you, before you do an svn update.


As you're using TortoiseSVN you can make it show the Check For Modifications dialog, from a batch file, like this:

@echo off
tortoiseproc /command:repostatus /path:"c:\some_path\wc"

I assume you're only interested in what's changed since your last update. If you're interested in what's changed between two specific revisions then you can make it show the Log Messages window, like this:

@echo off
tortoiseproc /command:log /path:"c:\some_path\wc"

For more info about the tortoiseproc commands, see here.

  • svn st -u gives a screen shot of all changed files.

  • svn diff returns differences between working copy and the last committed revision; diff works over single files or folders or everything.

  • svn update doesn't change differences and status of your changed files.

  • svn revert rolls back your changes to the last rev.


May I recommend CommitMonitor - also from the dev(s) who brought you TortoiseSVN.

  • Update - Note that TortoiseSVN 1.9 and later has a project monitor included, which has similar features as the CommitMonitor. (from the site) – zvi Jan 29 at 12:01

svn status will show what's been changed since the last commit or update. i think you can also use it with -r, or like svn status -r rev1:rev2

  • No, you can't: Subcommand 'status' doesn't accept option '-r [--revision] ARG' (at least not svn 1.6.1 on Windows). – Joey Sep 18 '09 at 11:57
svnlook changed /path/to/repos

will give you everything that happened in the last commit.

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