I'm searching a week how check if a checkbox is checked in selenium webdriver with python, but I find only algoritms from JAVA. I readed the webdriver docs and it dont have a answer for that. Anyone have a solution?

There is a WebElement property called is_selected(), and for a check box this indicates whether or not it is checked. Therefore you can verify if it is checked/unchecked by doing something like this:




I remember having the same issue not being able to find documentation. It's easier to find once you know the name (here are some docs, is_selected is towards the bottom), but the way I have gone about trying to find different options/properties for Selenium objects is to just drop dir(some_object) in the code and see what options come up (this is how is_selected appeared).

I'm using driver.find_element_by_name("< check_box_name >").is_selected()

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I find another way that works, but uses javascript inside.

def is_checked(self, driver, item):
  checked = driver.execute_script(("return document.getElementById('%s').checked") % item)
  return checked
def assert_checkbox_status (id, expect):
    global browser
    field = browser.find_element_by_id(id)
    assert field.get_attribute ('checked')== expect

Example of use:

assert_checkbox('activate', True) ==> assert if checkbox is checked
assert_checkbox('activate', None) ==> assert if checkbox is unchecked

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