I just started to learn C so the answer is probably incredibly obvious but when I run this code the number 0 just keeps repeating in an infinite loop. I'm trying to print x from 0 to 1 in increments of .05.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
double x;

for( x = 0; x <= 1; x+.05 )

   printf("%d\n", x );
for( x = 0; x <= 1; x += .05 )

seems like your not writing the changed x value to x..... If you know what I mean :D
x++ is the same as x+=1
x+.05 doesn't modify x's value, thus x will always be 0 and result in a infinite loop...


I think that's what you're looking for:

for( x = 0; x <= 1; x+=0.05 )
   printf("%f\n", x );

You'll want to change to the += sign and change the d to an f.

  • d is for decimal integers
  • f is for floating point numbers

You want the addition and assignment compound operator, which is +=, not just +.

for( x = 0; x <= 1; x+=.05 )

Currently the result of your expression is x + 5, and its result is not used, resulting in your loop's condition never being false.


Change the line in your for loop to
for( x = 0; x <= 1; x += .05 )

Note that
x += .05
Is equivalent to typing
x = x + .05
which is what you really want since the goal is to update the value of x.

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