I have a iframe like this

<iframe name="myframe1" id="myframe1" width="100%" height="100%" src="a.html">
    <frameset name="myframe2" cols="0%, 100%" border="0" frameBorder="0" frameSpacing="0">
        <frame name="page1" src="c.html" scrolling="no"></frame>
        <frame name="page2" src="d.html" >
                <body id="top">
                    <div id="div1">
                        <div id="div2">
                            <div id="div3">
                                <ul id="x">



I want to refer to the element "x". I tried in several ways but I couldn't find a solution.



contentWindow is supported by all browsers including the older versions of IE.

Note that if the iframe's src is from another domain, you won't be able to access its content due to the Same Origin Policy.

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    The last sentence is very important ;) you frame's source must be on the same domain of your page – Sali Hoo Nov 8 '13 at 17:59

use contentDocument to achieve this

var iframe = document.getElementById('iframeId');
var innerDoc = (iframe.contentDocument) 
               ? iframe.contentDocument 
               : iframe.contentWindow.document;

var ulObj = innerDoc.getElementById("ID_TO_SEARCH");

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