At the moment i'm settting up the permissions in my project and i assigned some permissions to one user group. Now i have to assign a large number of users to this group, so that they can us the permissions of the group.

Problem: I have to click on every user in the admin interface, add them to the group and the same for the next ones. This takes a large amount of time. Is it possible to select anywhere all users that should belong to a group? That would be much faster...

If it's not possible with the standard admin interface, is there an app I can install and use for this (like "South" for database migration tasks)?

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Use the django shell:

$ python manage.py shell
>>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User, Group
>>> the_group = Group.objects.get(name='the_name_in_admin')
>>> users = User.objects.exclude(groups__name='the_group_you_made_in_admin')
>>> for i in users:
...    i.groups.add(the_group)
...    i.save()

For more information on the api of the authentication system, have a read through the documentation

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    Just for the clarity, you don't need to execute obj.save(), m2m.add() method is saving the result to DB anyway.
    – Mr.Coffee
    Jan 25, 2016 at 16:34

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