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Is it possible to resize the iPhone Simulator? I'm using screen capture software to record a demo of my iPhone application, and it would be handy to be able to resize the iPhone Simulator window.


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  • Why not turn on Spaces and put the Simulator in its own space? – bpapa Oct 23 '09 at 23:48
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    hey I think you should change the accepted answer... the one suggested by lekafir works exactly :-) – Devarshi Jul 21 '13 at 11:38
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You should try cmd 2 or cmd 3 on your keyboard to scale down.

And cmd 1 to get back to the original scale.

  • In Xcode 6.3 and above, just press cmd 5 (25% scale) or cmd 4 (33% scale). Or in Window > Scale – mohsinj Feb 20 '16 at 8:34

Unfortunately no, it must maintain that size. We had the same issue. I wish I could give you a more complete answer, however it seems reasonable for the accurate rendering profiling that it maintains 1-to-1 pixel ratio, otherwise it would have to sub-sample the pixels, causing the profiling to be incorrect.


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a picture is worth a thousand words

enter image description here


You can scale iOS simulator to desire scale (i tried from 0.2 to 1.4 ) and it worked for me. To do this you have to go to /Library/Preferences and edit com.apple.iphonesimulator.plist file. Edit value of KEY SimulatorWindowLastScale to your desired scale.

I tried this on latest Version of Mountain Lion 10.8.4 & iOS simulator 6.0.

Enjoy!!!! Let me know if it worked for you guys.

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    This is a great way to scale the simulator to exactly the size of the phone. – Rose Perrone Jul 31 '13 at 2:59
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    Cheers, In my case I found it in my user home directory so ~/Library/Preferences – mrdavenz May 10 '14 at 4:17

You can reduce screen size of simulator by doing this

Window -- Scale -- 25% (Select size which you feel comfort)

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