This is my SSIS excerise

I have a DATETIME column, what I want is to get the Month and Year from " DATETIME " column and load it into a new column called “Month_Year” and then get day from the same " DATETIME " and load it into a new column called "day"


  1. Source Column:


  1. Destination Column:

Month_Year Day

Bottom line is I need to break DATETIME into two column Month_Year and Day.



Month_YEAR     DAY
201001         01`

The Source Column is 2010-01-01 The Destination Columns will be 201001 And 01


Simple, first create a Derived Column component in your flow task. Then, in the component, create a new column, call it MONTH_YEAR and in the Expression field type:


Then for the day piece do the same thing only creating a new column called DAY and pull the day piece out from DATEPART(..).

Since you created those as new columns you can then use them in the data flow as wished.

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