I am working on a project which leverage machine learning algorithm, and i select hadoop/mahout because it can handle big data better.

but mahout only integrated few algorithms,(does not include some algorithm, like SVM) so i want to know is there any other machine learning library in Hadoop platform except mahout

if so, i have some question about new library

  1. does it support distributed computing
  2. is it official release? any support?

Thanks a lot~


Have a look at Apache Hama, they feature simple ML algorithms like Logistic Regression or K-means clustering. There will be more algorithms in the future.

Here is their site:



https://github.com/onurakpolat/awesome-bigdata#machine-learning --take a look. Hope something helps.


basically you can use Weka or many other tools on hadoop. Just keep in mind that you will benefit from hadoop + ML algorithm only if the ML algorithm is based on map-reduce technique. Otherwise there won't be any improvement. I'm not sure, but I strongly doubt that SVM is based on map-reduce ...

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