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Flatten FDF / XFDF forms to PDF in PHP with utf-8 characters

I am using pdftk to fill template pdf with data from fdf. Data has correct utf-8 characters, but when I use fill_form, resulting pdf file has formating errors. (I am NOT using flatten)

I have problems with letters like š, đ, č, ć, ž.


UPDATE My solution

In the end, I gave up on pdftk, I ended up using fpfd, to be more precise, I used this script. I had couple of problems here too, related to the pdf file. But I used pdftk to fix that pdf (as was suggested in the script itself), and in the end it helped me: it filled the pdf form I had with the characters without messing them up.

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pdftk (as of v1.44) can't handle chars outside the standard ASCII with FDF form fill. Someone did try to modify pdftk to allow multi-byte characters to support Asian languages, but from the comments I'm not sure it actually works.


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  • So, I should give up on pdftk? I'm currently looking into fpdf, there is a plugin for filling a form, but I still have problems, this time with pdf formatting I believe. Thanks for your answer! – mitric Jan 24 '13 at 10:09

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