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I'm having a strange issue on my Mac OS X (10.8) dev computer. I configured mod_rewrite to be on and it does seem to work in certain situations. I have one test rule right now that I'm trying to make work but it just won't, unless I change the rule to do something I don't want.

Here's the rule:

RewriteRule ^driver/([0-9]+)$ driver.php?d=$1 [L]

Now, if I attempt to call driver/411. What apache appears to be doing is calling driver.php with no GET parameters and ignoring the .htaccess rules altogether. I know this to be true because this rule with a hardcoded value also fails:

RewriteRule ^driver/([0-9]+)$ driver.php?d=411 [L]

However, if I replace the prefix I'm looking for to not match the file name prefix, it works:

RewriteRule ^driverz/([0-9]+)$ driver.php?d=$1 [L]

Does anyone know how I go about telling apache to not do this behavior?

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This is because MultiViews internally redirect to driver.php, before mod_rewrite get's applied. So there will be no GET parameters.

Disable MultiViews by adding the following to your htaccess:

Options -MultiViews

(PS Apache should disable this by default. Who uses MultiViews anyways)

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That worked. Thank you! –  WebMasterP Jan 23 '13 at 21:09
You're welcome. Thanks for the points :-) –  Gerben Jan 24 '13 at 15:57

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