I have written a wcf service which is working fine. On the client side i am using AddServiceReference feature of VS2008 to generate client proxy, it's also working fine. Now, for learning purpose i want to generate my client proxy with svcutil.exe tool but i am not able to use it, i have tried but don't know what is missing maybe i am missing some parameters, i know that AddServiceReference feature also uses svcutil.exe to generate proxy at client side.

Anyone please tell me how to use.

Actually my wcf service project is located at C:\Projects\WCFService and my client is at C:\Projects\WCFClient.

Below is my service class...

Uri address = new Uri("http://localhost:8090/MathServices/");

            using (ServiceHost host = new ServiceHost(typeof(MathOperations), address))
                BasicHttpBinding binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
                host.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(IMathOperations), binding, "");              

                ServiceMetadataBehavior metaDataBehavior = new ServiceMetadataBehavior();
                metaDataBehavior.HttpGetEnabled = true;


We have found that it is better to use WCF without the autogenerated proxies.

Have a look at this video:


Note: This only works if you have control of both the server and the client side.


Use svcutil YourServiceUrl to generate the proxy class.

If your datacontract contains lists, use /ct:System.Collections.Generic.List1` or else the proxy class will have arrays instead of lists.

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