When doing research I find myself usually annotating a pdf document (highlighting, adding notes), then I will create a note in Evernote and index all my annotations.

For example,

p 3 - "is it possible for schools to change their practices and thereby have a strongly positive effect on student achievement?"

p 10 - "the district boldly moved forward with several new reforms"

My hope is to work with a pdf document, annotate it, then run the applet which would copy all my annotations (highlights and notes) to clipboard, where then I could paste them in a note, thereby having an index of all the points I found useful.

I am using a mac, and am open to using which ever language would be simple to creating this. My thoughts are that an applescript would be best.

  • Give Skim a try, as Lauri Ranta suggests. You won't regret it.
    – fanaugen
    Jan 24, 2013 at 10:54

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Skim can export notes as text, and it also has an AppleScript dictionary.

tell application "Skim" to tell document 1 to save as "notes as text" in "/Users/username/Desktop/notes.txt"

The output looks like this:

* Highlight, page 1
ocument (highlighting

* Text Note, page 1

* Highlight, page 1
ent, annotate it,

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