This must sound too naive because I am not a programmer. I need help with a batch file execution.

There are two user accounts on my Windows XP enabled PC and one of these accounts is used by my brother. Sometimes I need to leave messages for him to read as a reminder of something, for example, to back up his personal folders when he logs in next time.

So, I created a simple batch file with the following code:

@echo off  
msg * It's time to backup your folders!

When executed by double clicking, the file works fine and shows the expected message. I placed a copy of the batch file in "C:\Documents and Settings\Brother\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" but couldn't make it execute automatically when my brother logged in.

Could somebody please show me where I went wrong?


According to this answer on Superuser, the startup folders for XP are actually in

%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Startup
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Startup

So the Programs\Startup may be used for something else.

  • I can't find either of the directories you have mentioned. 'Start Menu' is found under 'Programs'. – user2006679 Jan 25 '13 at 4:13
  • on XP it use to be \Start Menu\Programs\Startup – Gerhard Barnard May 31 '17 at 12:59

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