Let's say I have an input field and want to parse all of the numbers from the submitted string. For example, it could be:

Hi I'm 12 years old.

How do I parse all of the numbers without having a common pattern to work with?

I tried:


but it only grabs the 12 and won't go past the next space, which is problematic if the user inputs more numbers with spaces in-between them.


Add the g flag to return all matches in an array:

var matches = x.match(/\d+/g)

However, this may not catch numbers with seperators, like 1,000 or 0.123

You may want to update your regex to:

x.match(/[0-9 , \.]+/g)
var words = sentence.split(" ");
var numbers = words.filter(function(w) {
    return w.match(/\d+/);

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