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On the detailed visitor log piwik is able to some the position the keyword was listed on a search engine.


Where is this stored in the database? I have been looking around for it but not able to find anything in the logs table nor the visitors table.

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This is Google specific. The rank in the search result is actually submitted by Google in the referrer as the cd= param. There's a breakdown of all the available params available.

The visitor log report in Piwik just extracts this information from the referrer URL that is stored for the visit. Have a look at the source of the Live plugin:

function getKeywordPosition()
    if($this->getRefererType() == 'search'
        && strpos($this->getRefererName(), 'Google') !== false)
        $url = @parse_url($this->details['referer_url']);
            return null;
        $position = Piwik_Common::getParameterFromQueryString($url['query'], 'cd');
            return $position;
    return null;
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