How do I dictate the destination folder of a clickOnce application?

  • Are you talking about the publish location for the setup program or where the program gets installed? – Orion Adrian Sep 28 '08 at 7:13
  • sorry, where the program gets installed or at least the data folder – user23149 Sep 28 '08 at 7:19
  • What is your reason for needing a different directory? I'm running into a situation where a security system is blocking executables from the application data folder. – Brad Bruce Oct 1 '08 at 23:13

This is not possible with ClickOnce. ClickOnce applications are always installed in the Apps subdirectory of local application data.


As a further to the above, this is a security feature. Allowing websites to install software to arbitrary locations on someone's harddrive somewhat automatically is a bad idea.


One Click application directly installs into the user profile directory. There is no way you can install it to your Programme files. To customize the your application use Installaware Admin http://www.installaware.com/studio-admin-features.htm

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