I am going to apply a HSV threshold to the image below in order to extract the tennis ball. But I could not figure out the best way to find the correct HSV values of the ball. Which method/software do you suggest to me? (I am using Ubuntu) Also according to your experiences which min/max values do you prefer to me? (±10? ±5?)




You can use Gimp to get needed color. The tool is called Color Picker. It also shows HSV values. Here's screenshot of your image:

enter image description here


Have you considered to use Hough CircleDoc ?

I think in this case it would be much more indicted, because the colors in your image aren't so clear

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    Yeah, I am going to apply it after applying a color thresholding. Because there may be other balls with different colors and I want to be able to discard them. – Xentius Jan 27 '13 at 19:30

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