Is it possible to get svn info for a branch for a specific revision number. For example if the latest working copy of a branch has revision number 56, can I get info for the same branch for revsion number 32.

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There are two options available to get informatioon about past revisions:

  • svn log -r <rev number> <url>: the commit message of a specified revision and url
  • svn info -r <rev number> <url>: some technical information about a specified revision and url

An example: svn log -r 5628 https://repo.exampl.org/prod/branches/info/conf/config

It is all described in the help messages built into the svn command: svn help or svn help info...

  • @milosmns No, these commands offer information about a specific revision, not about a difference to another revision. For that you want to use the svn diff sub command. It is well documented.
    – arkascha
    Nov 4, 2016 at 11:23

Assuming you are in a working copy, you can just do the following:

Get commit info:

svn log -c <rev number>

Get commit info with file list:

svn log -c <rev number> -v

Get full file diff:

svn diff -c <rev number>

yes u can get the information for the what revision u want.

svn cat -r <rev number> path upto which file u want see the revisions

ex: svn cat -r 34 svn:///dmlrepo/trunk/1.txt

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