I am having trouble installing the Postgres database module for Node.js, every time I run the command "npm install pg" I get the following error:
C:>npm install pg
npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/pg
npm http 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/pg
npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/pg/-/pg-0.12.1.tgz
npm http 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/pg/-/pg-0.12.1.tgz
npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/generic-pool/2.0.2
npm http 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/generic-pool/2.0.2
npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/generic-pool/-/generic-pool-2.0.2.tgz
npm http 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/generic-pool/-/generic-pool-2.0.2.tgz

pg@0.12.1 install C:\node_modules\pg
node-gyp rebuild || (exit 0)

C:\node_modules\pg>node "C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin\node-gyp-b
in\....\node_modules\node-gyp\bin\node-gyp.js" rebuild
'pg_config' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
gyp: Call to 'pg_config --libdir' returned exit status 1. while trying to load b
gyp ERR! configure error
gyp ERR! stack Error: gyp failed with exit code: 1
gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.onCpExit (C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_module
gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:99:17)
gyp ERR! stack at Process._handle.onexit (child_process.js:678:10)
gyp ERR! System Windows_NT 5.1.2600
gyp ERR! command "node" "C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm\node_modu
les\node-gyp\bin\node-gyp.js" "rebuild"
gyp ERR! cwd C:\node_modules\pg
gyp ERR! node -v v0.8.17
gyp ERR! node-gyp -v v0.8.2
gyp ERR! not ok
pg@0.12.1 node_modules\pg
└── generic-pool@2.0.2

This error occurs on both my work machine (linux/windows box) and my personal machine (windows) at home. Any ideas?

Also I should mention I already have Python 2.7.3 installed.

  • Do you have the PostgreSQL libraries and headers installed? Your problem with pg_config --libdir suggest that you don't or you have a PATH problem (i.e. pg_config is not in your PATH). – mu is too short Jan 29 '13 at 5:48
  • I have removed some secondary questions that were appended to this one. Please post new questions for them. The questions were: 1) I've heard that there are two different ways to connect to the database using Node.js, one way is via javascript using the pg module and the other is via a native extension (can't remember the name). What do you guys recommend me to use and which is easier/better for a novice in Node.js to pick up? – Craig Ringer Feb 6 '13 at 0:14
  • 2) I've read people write about developing in either Node.js only, or via Node.js/Express combo or Node.js/Knockout library. Is one better than the other? This is in terms of the web application able to access a remote database (as per our project). – Craig Ringer Feb 6 '13 at 0:15

You're on Windows:

'pg_config' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

so I suggest you get a pre-built binary of the pg module. Compiling things on windows is ... fun.

The immediate error is that the pg_config executable is not on the PATH, but there'll be lots more after you fix that. Get a prebuilt executable unless you plan on a journey of discovery and swearing.

  • 1
    well you happen to know where I could get a pre-built pg binary? Otherwise I'll have to work with linux entirely. I did actually add pg_config to my windows environment path and it was complaining about make not being installed due to there being no vc++ 2008 etc... – JackSparrow123 Jan 29 '13 at 23:49
  • Okay I have pg_config installed to /usr/bin/ folder. It was already there on our SuSE Enterprise Linux box. Now if I type in pg_config in the terminal it runs just fine...I already have the path of it in $PATH so what could be wrong? – JackSparrow123 Feb 5 '13 at 23:10
  • 1
    @JackSparrow123 Er ... aren't you on Windows? You didn't specify in the question, but the error message is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file is Windows-specific. Now you're talking about SuSE and /usr/bin. What's going on? If you've copied pg_config over from a SuSE box to Windows, that really won't work. – Craig Ringer Feb 6 '13 at 0:13

Specify Postgres bin folder in PATH variable, then don't forget to restart cmd.exe with Administrator rights


Install postgres db (https://www.postgresql.org/download/) and make sure its bin folder path present in environment variable

enter image description here

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