Is there somebody who has used 'Scons' as a replacement for 'make' for quite large FPGA projects? Did it ran out-of-the-box or is there still some hacking to be done for the VHDL or Verilog language? And what about the integration with Modelsim/ISE/Vivado/Quartus? Or should I stick to makefiles for a while?

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    Yes, I have used SCons for a billion+ gate CPU project. There is no built in support for any targets, so you have to create your own custom builders. I'm not sure I would go that route if I reach that fork in the road next time. I liked putting coding in python and being able to construct different variants of builds using a custom inheritance mechanism for different DUT configurations, but I had to code a lot of trappings around SCons. If I had to do that again, I might simply forgo using the the SCons engine and launch the jobs to the server farm myself using subprocess. – Ross Rogers Jan 29 '13 at 21:42