Is there any way possible that I can extarct worklog(work info) from BMC Remedy User for a set of Incident ID using macro. I have extracted all the fields except "Worklog". Allthough I get the information that This is a known issue and is on our Enhancements Requests list to be addressed. Source -Link

So is there any way possible. Any type of information is highly acceptable.



Worklog is a related table, the field on the Incident form does not store any information. You'll need to query the HPD:Worklog form: You can also post the question in the BMCDN communities, you will get more people looking at your questions.



There's no way I know of using a macro. Macros have been deprecated. So I'd recommend avoiding use of macros in any new code. When I need to write code that extracts worklog information, I typically use an Active Link or Filter with a Set Fields action.

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