I have been trying to install and run the IBM Rational Solution for CLM with an evaluation topology for the purposes of performing a demonstration of the software.

I am able to proceed through all of the installation steps, but once I reach the step of starting the server, it does not start.

When I try to start the server, a new command prompt window opens, but closes immediately. The log files under /server/tomcat/logs are not updated.

I was initially setting up the server in a Windows 7 VMware virtual machine. I have since tried to set it up in a new vm running CentOS, but I got the same results.


As illustrated by this thread, the only way to debug this is to put a lot of "echo" in the starting script:

What really helped me when I had this problem was to add echo statements to the .bat files to see how far it's getting.
In my situation, it got all the way to the end of the catalina.bat file, and I printed out the final run commands on the screen.
When I called that same command manually in a dos window, I was able to see what error was being returned since it didn't close after a split second. Perhaps that approach would help you as well.

It usually is a memory issue.

If not - a few more things to check:

  1. Disk space - do you have much disk space available - esp. the location of your TEMP environment variable.
  2. When Ralph talked about starting as Administrator - he meant starting your DOS shell using the right-button "Run as administrator" option on the shell.
  3. Do you have any firewall settings preventing access to ports like 9443, 9080 and more obscure ones like 9003?
  4. Does the user who installed RTC have read/write access to those c:\ibm directories and sub-dirs. I have seen Tomcat not start if it could not write to the log files (bit of a meaningless question as you have catalina logs).

That thread confirms the memory issue:

Please check https://jazz.net/library/article/811 for your patch level of the server OS. The document also points out 8GB RAM as a minimum.

If nothing appears in the logs it is a severe Tomcat or JVM issue. You may be facing RAM issues. i would suggest to look into the core dumps for indicators what happens.

Some other hints:

  • Don't install in Program Files use /IBM/ or something
  • If this is not a test system use DB2 instead of derby. Derby is only for demonstration purposes.
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  • Looks like memory was the issue. The other points are good advice, though. Will have to file those away in case they're needed in the future. Thanks Von! – Dave Evans Jan 29 '13 at 20:48

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