I have been reading about the support jclouds added to the Cinder Openstack API, and i was looking at this example usage on Rackspace Cloud.


does anybody know is this is supported for HP Cloud as well? if not, how can i use HP Cloud Block Storage with jclouds?

thanks a lot!


You should be able to use the Cinder API with HP but I tried it out and it wasn't working. Here's what I did.

Iterable<Module> modules = ImmutableSet.<Module> of(new SLF4JLoggingModule());

RestContext<CinderApi, CinderAsyncApi> cinder = ContextBuilder.newBuilder("openstack-cinder")
  .credentials(myHpTenantName + ":" + myHpUsername, myHpPassword)
VolumeApi volumeApi = cinder.getApi().getVolumeApiForZone("az-1.region-a.geo-1");

The call to list() returns an empty list but with logging turned on I can see that it's actually a 404 causing the empty list to be returned. The URL that's created to list the volumes is


Which I think should be valid according to the HP service catalog but it's returning a 404.

I'll ping someone I know from HP and see if we can get to the bottom of this.

  • dont you have version mismatch here? the endpoint contains v2.0 but the you specify version 1.1 to the builder...in any case thanks, i will try and get it to work. ill update here of my progress. – Eli Polonsky Jan 31 '13 at 20:15
  • It's v2.0 of the authentication (Keystone) API but v1.1 of the Cinder API. – Everett Toews Jan 31 '13 at 20:58

HP Cloud's support for the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) API is coming soon. Please refer to our API documentation for reference to the currently supported Block Storage APIs: https://docs.hpcloud.com/api/block-storage/

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