Is it possible to have different split settings for Edit and Debug mode in Qt Creator?

I am:

  • using two monitors
  • splitting the editor vertically
  • align the splits onto the edge between monitors

Now when I switch do debugging mode:

  • the variable column gets squeezed in
  • my editor split edge is pushed away from the monitor edge

Can I somehow tell Qt Creator to remember each split?

(I couldn't find a setting for this inside the Options or the Window menu)


Although it's not exactly the solution I was looking for, it somehow fits my purpose:

  1. use QtCreator without splitting window
  2. go: Window -> Open in new Window
  3. repeat 2 as often as desired
  4. place the new window(s) as you wish

This will offer a second/third editor window.
Now if you switch between Editor and Debug in the first window, the second won't care about this.

However, this only works in versions 2.8.0 or higher.

Side note:
It's not perfect yet: QtCreator is somewhat creative which window to use for Debugging - it's nearly always the window I'm not looking at ;-)

  • This is also useful for having the Design and Edit windows visible at the same time – jrh May 11 '20 at 15:09

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