We know that in monotouch we have 2 solution for developing a project for both iPhone and iPads.

First is using Montouch iPad Application projects for iPad, and Monotouch iPhone Application projects for iPhone and create two separate project for each of them.

Another solution is using one Universal Projects for both o them.

The question is: what solution is better and with witch one the result has more quality?

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    you mean iPad/iPhone, don't you?
    – sergio
    Jan 30, 2013 at 9:05

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Pros and cons of Universal app.


  • One place to fix bugs in app's business logic;
  • Convenient to users (after install on one device it could be automatically installed on other device);
  • Marketing costs could be half as much;


  • It could be too many if -blocks, which are checks for UIDevice.CurrentDevice.UserInterfaceIdiom;
  • Bigger app size;
  • Some of the features (mostly in games) do not fit well on iPhone's display.
  • If you used XIB-based interfaces, you must make separated XIB for iPad OR update XIB content layout in UIViewController's ViewWillAppear event (in which iOS updates View frame according to display size);
  • If your app is not free, you couldn't release "HD version" with bigger price.

Basically, universal app is better for users, but harder for developers and designers.

  • Thanks a lot.It was really useful :) Jan 30, 2013 at 10:59
  • In Xamarin 4 I am unable to create 2 separate xib files for ~iPad and ~iPhone How can i create ? @Maxim Korobov Nov 27, 2015 at 21:23

I think, you are asking about iPhone and iPad. Because, universal app includes iPhone and iPad (not iPhone and iPod).

So considering this:

You should go with Universal app because of below reason:

1) There will be one source file of the app which will work in both iPhone and iPad.

2) If user has both devices (iPhone and iPad), then they get a single copy of the app and can install in both devices.

3) Your app supports both devices, so users will be highly attract and download your app quickly.

4) If your app will more downloaded (because of Universal app) then there are chances that, your app comes into "New and WhatWorthy" section and even "Feature" section of the apple.

There can be main reason why we should go for Universal app instead of separate app for iPhone and iPad.

Hope, you got an idea.



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