I know how to run complete NUnit assemblies from C# Code

TestPackage testPackage = new TestPackage(assemblyName);
RemoteTestRunner remoteTestRunner = new RemoteTestRunner();
TestResult testResult = remoteTestRunner.Run(new NullListener(), TestFilter.Empty, false, LoggingThreshold.Error);

But how can I run single TestFixtures or even Single Tests?

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    Never tried it But there's a an overload of run where you can pass in the name or an array of names, where you have TestFiler.Empty, apparently. – Tony Hopkinson Jan 30 '13 at 16:23

Thanks to @Tony Hopkinson I found the solution. I just had to create a class inheriting from TestFilter and overwrite the Match function in there.

public class SingleTestFilter : TestFilter
    private string testName;

    public SingleTestFilter(string TestName)
        testName = TestName;

    public override bool Match(ITest test)
        return test.TestName.Name.Equals(testName);

And then call the remoteTestRunner.Run with it as parameter.

remoteTestRunner.Run(new NullListener(), new SingleTestFilter("MyTest"), false, LoggingThreshold.Error);

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