From within a Play 2.1 application, how would I programmatically determine which mode the application is running in (i.e., Development vs. Production)?

For example, it would be useful to be able to do something like this from inside a template:

<p>@if(__some_play_API_call__ == Dev) { <b>Development mode</b> }</p>

In the Play 2.0 API documentation, there appears to be a mode property of the play.api.Application class... however, I am unsure about how to get at the instance of the currently running application.

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You can access the current Appliction via


to find out the mode try


or simply use

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    In play 2.4.2 I had to use play.api.Play.current instead of play.api.Play.current() – Brett Aug 27 '15 at 21:50

In Play 2.5.x the play.Play.isDev() method is deprecated, one has to use dependency injection:

import javax.inject.Inject;

public class Example {

    private play.Environment environment;

    public void myMethod() {
        if (environment.isDev()) {

Or equivalently in Scala:

class ErrorHandler @Inject()(environment: Environment) {

  def myMethod() = {
    if (environment.isDev) {


environment.isDev() returns a Boolean, which one can easily pass to a template. No need to use implicit variables as described here.

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    This answer is correct, but god this is needlessly verbose. Why is play promoting an unsafe and verbose pattern like dependency injection ? – Moebius Apr 4 '17 at 14:36
  • @koppor Where do we initialize the environment variable? When I do @Inject private play.Environment environment; the environment here throws a NullPointerException, when I try to do environment.isProd( ). I am using JAVA – Swapnil B. Jun 5 at 18:42

In play 2.3.X you can also check via:


With Play 2.5 and Play 2.6

You can do it like this:

import play.Environment

class MyController @Inject()(env: Environment) {

  println(s"ProdMode is ${env.isDev}")
  println(s"DevMode is ${env.isProd}")
  println(s"TestMode is ${env.isTest}")

  • @icl7126 thanks I adjusted my answer – pme Jun 8 at 11:43

In Play 2.5 using Scala there is a context.environment.mode value of Enumeration from play.api.Mode with one of the values Dev, Test, Prod.
For compile time dependency injection you have context available in your app loader and if you extend BuiltInComponentsFromContext then you can use (inject) directly environment.mode

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