I have an array as follow: [[Disable,Enable,No,Yes][Joe,Bill,Doug,Kevin],[Red,Blue,Pink,Magenta],[One,Two,Three,Four]];

I need a hamcrest matcher that will match with an excel file that has name/value pair data in it. I have Tried: hasItem,hasItems,hasItemInArray.

I have looked at the following links:

Hamcrest Link

Let me know if I am missing any info that would be helpful.

private String[][] getExcelSheetData(String excelFile)
        throws NoExcelValidationDataFoundException {
    String[][] excelValidationData = null;

    try {
        ExcelDAOFactory excelDAOFactory = (ExcelDAOFactory) DAOFactory
        excelValidationData = excelDAOFactory.fetchData();
        TAFLogger.logTAFActivity("Finished retrieving data from "
                + excelFile);
    } catch (InvalidFormatException | IOException | UnsupportedDAOException e) {
                "Error retrieving data from ExcelDAOFactory: "
                        + e.getMessage(), logger.WARN);
        throw new NoExcelValidationDataFoundException(
                "Could not retireve validation " + "data from " + excelFile
                        + e.getMessage());
    return excelValidationData;

Code to try and match with hamcrest, which has nothing for 'Nested Array's which I can see:

 requestBuilder = new RequestSpecBuilder();
    requestSpecification = requestBuilder.build();

    responseBuilder = new ResponseSpecBuilder();
    responseSpecification = responseBuilder.build();

    try {
        validationData = getExcelSheetData(excelFile);
    } catch (NoExcelValidationDataFoundException e) {
        Logger.logActivity("Could not retrieve Excel sheet data: "
                + e.getMessage(), Logger.ERROR);
        Assert.fail("Could not retrieve Excel sheet data: "
                + e.getMessage());

  for (int i = 0; i < validationData.length; i++) {

 responseSpecification = responseBuilder.build();

    try {
        //Response res = given().getValue()).get("data/roles");

        String data = given().spec(requestSpecification).

        logger.logTestActivity("Completed testing JSON payload using Excel    file");
    } catch (AssertionError e) {
                "Error testing JSON payload: " + e.getMessage(),
        throw new Exception(e);

The last par with the "hasIteminArray' is where I am trying to utilize Hamcrest to assert on the JSON of a nested array.

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    You question is how to test the value in a excel file with hamcrest matcher ? Show some code will be helpful. – Gavin Xiong Jan 31 '13 at 4:13
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    You need to split this problem into two: reading the name/value pairs from Excel into a map, and then building a matcher from this map. For the first, you can use POI. The second part of the problem is more relevant to Hamcrest: can you explain how you expect to match your two-dimensional array against name/value pairs? – Kkkev Jan 31 '13 at 10:10
  • added some code to help understand what I am doing – user1684462 Jan 31 '13 at 15:59

AFAIK there is no Excel integration included in Hamcrest. simple-excel offers verification of generated excel files and brings it's own Hamcrest matchers for this.

Otherwise you are most likely to have to roll your own matches using Apache POI or JExcel.

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