I have just mavenized the Apache Flex 4.9 SDK. Now, how can I build my application with maven? Does anybody have an example pom-File for this? Is there a flex-mojos version out yet, which is working with this flex version? Or are there any alternatives?

Btw.: My application is running, when I build it with Flash Builder 4.7.


I'm the guy currently in charge of continuing the development of Flexmojos.

I have to say, that RIAstars comment is not correct. I created the Mavenizer for usage with an updated version of Flexmojos and it is reported to work quite nicely together with it. Unfortunately I haven't released FM6 yet as I wanted to have it stable first. Because of this you have to fetch my github fork from https://github.com/chrisdutz/flexmojos ... I was planning on merging my changes back to the public repo as soon as Atlassian finally sets up our GIT repo at https://flexmojos.atlassian.net

I am currently working on making FM6 a parity release to the FM5 but with the difference that it works with the fdks generated by the mavenizer. What is true, is that I will not add any new features to FM, such as native Air bundling for mobile devices and support for falcon.

This is because we have already started the development of a purely Apache maven plugin that should replace FM one day. The main reason is the enormous effort you have to invest in maintaining a plugin that builds all FDKs starting with Flex 2.x and eliminating some design problems that were causing a lot of support traffic on the mailinglist.

So I would say: Yes you can use the Mavenizer to mavenize your FDKs and then you use FM6 to build your apps with it because that's what I created them for :-)


FlexMojos as it is will no longer be developed for future versions of Flex. As such I don't think you'll be able to use it with your mavenized version of Flex (but I might be wrong; I'm not exactly certain how it all works).

However the current maintainer of FlexMojos (Christofer Dutz) is working on a brand new Flex/Maven plugin. So for future versions you should be able to use that. Unfortunately to my knowledge this projects is far from finished.

As an alternative there is GradleFx which is a plugin for Gradle. You can set up an Apache Flex SDK dependency simply like this:

dependencies {
    flexSDK group: 'org.apache', name: 'apache-flex-sdk', version: '4.9.0', ext: 'zip'

repositories {
    add(new org.apache.ivy.plugins.resolver.URLResolver()) {
            name = 'Apache'
            addArtifactPattern 'http://apache.cu.be/flex/4.9.0/binaries/[module]-[revision]-bin.[ext]'

Personally I find Gradle much easier to work with than Maven. (Disclaimer: I am a contributor to the GradleFx project, but I only became one because I loved it so much).

  • As I commented in my reply ... I built the Mavenizer for FM6 so it will definitely work together. I just decided not to add the Mavenizer to FM but to donate it to Apache because this is where I think the furute music will be playing. – Christofer Dutz Jan 31 '13 at 20:41
  • @chrisdutz Didn't know you were out here on stackoverflow too. I'd 've kept my mouth wisely shut if I'd 've known ;) – RIAstar Jan 31 '13 at 21:40
  • Well I have to admit that I was notified about this topic by guys on the flex-dev mailinglist so I woudn't have noticed the thread without them ;-) – Christofer Dutz Feb 1 '13 at 6:46

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