Trying to set up a post build script on my CI server to push changes to our web server by FTP. In as few lines as possible how can i push a folder of files to my webserver using windows FTP? For example deployment folder is:


How can i recursively push all files to replace on the web server?

I'm open to using cmd or powershell - MS Windows only


  • Why does it have to be "in as few lines as possible" if it's a script? LOC should not matter much - what counts is the results. I much prefer a longer, slightly more verbose script that's easily understood by anyone picking it up vs. 2 densely-packed lines full of arcane commands which require reading additional documentation to understand. – alroc Feb 1 '13 at 15:37
  • See this SO thread asking for the same thing in PowerShell. – alroc Feb 1 '13 at 15:43

Windows' built-in command-line FTP client doesn't have recursion built-in. The easiest way would be to use a different FTP client. NcFTP will do what you're looking for. See the manual page for ncftpput. The syntax is basically as follows:

cd c:\deployment
ncftpput -u user -p pass -R ftp.ftpserver.com /path/on/ftp/server .\*

Or if your web server also runs an ssh service, then rsync would be even better.


Fsync is good, I am using it for long. It allows to push only what has changed. Recursion of course. Exclude files, too. Track client-side (much faster) what has changed... Biggest only drawback: No SFTP./ProductList/Fsync.html

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