Im using URL::base(); and I get this URL:


but what I need is this complete path:


Does anybody knows how can I get that path? Thanks

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Laravel has helpers for paths:

base_path();    // '/var/www/mysite'
app_path();     // '/var/www/mysite/app'
storage_path(); // '/var/www/mysite/storage'

What you want to use is the path helper.

The URL helper is for generating HTTP URLs.

Try the path('public') function in Laravel 3,

or the public_path() function in Laravel 4.

Edit: Updated with answer for Laravel 4, thanks Erin

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    Note that this is the Laravel 3 answer, Laravel 4 has a public_path() function instead Commented Aug 8, 2013 at 20:28

you can find info about paths in documentation:

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