I have a custom Makefile project in Eclipse and although the build does get run in a Cygwin shell... it does not seem to be a login shell (bash --login) as it doesn't set my environment variables like running cygwin.bat does.

Where in Eclipse can I change the shell command so that it will be a login shell?


What you actually aim with bash --login are your settings from /etc/profile.

Under UNIX you normally have only one login shell and so these settings are inherited by all other shells. Under Windows any Bash window is an isoloated login shell, which leads to missing environment settings when running Bash from tools that run bash simply as command processor.

I had a similar problem with Emacs compile feature. The best solution under Windows is to set the environment variable BASH_ENV to a script. Bash will execute this script when started without -i or --login, so that /etc/profile is not run. Hence the script will setup Bash for non-interactive, non-login shells.



as user environment variable. The least thing to do in this script is to set PATH as in /etc/profile:


Check the path-settings in /etc/profile as it is created by Cygwin's setup.exe. You may also copy settings from ~/.bashrc or source this script.

Hope this helps.

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