Twitter's REST api allows you to append a JSON or XML at the end of the URI.



In the context of servlet, statuses will be the webapp context name & public_timeline.json is mapped to some servlet. I want to maintain one servlet to do the dispatch. Can this be done in servlets ?


Yes, it is possible.

Take a look at the web.xml file you may use a pattern like:


I think you can even use public_timeline.[json|xml]


The URL mapping in Servlet only supports extension matching, not prefix matching. So this doesn't work,


Here is my suggestion,


In the servlet, you can do this,

    String path = request.getPathInfo();

    if (path == null) return;

    int index = path.indexOf('/');
    String api;
    if (index < 0) 
        api = path;
        api = path.substring(index+1);

        if (api.equals("public_timeline.json"))
            // Process it as JSON

        if (api.equals("public_timeline.xml"))
            // Process it as XML

Most APIs use a format parameter to indicate response format. I think that's the better way.


In Java, if you are using JAXRS for your rest services, annotate your REST service method like:


Then add the following to you method argument:

@PathParam(value="fileExt") String fileExt

The the fileExt variable would be your extension. I think that would be a standard REST way to do it using JAXRS


You can do simple glob-matching in url-pattern:



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