Is it possible to filter out some requests using Chrome developer tools, say, filter out all image requests?


Negative text filters - list results not matching a given query.

  • Use -.png or -.gif or -.jpg as filter in the network panel.
  • Many other negative filters work too. e.g. -mime-type:image/png, -larger-than:20k, -domain:yoursite.com, -status-code:404. See Chrome developer docs - Sorting and filtering.

Available since Chrome ~42 - Issue Link, announced here

Another approach: In the Network panel open the filter and CTRL/CMD-click the types of requests you want to show. To hide just image requests then select all the other types except images while holding CTRL/CMD.

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    Use CMD+click on OS X.
    – undefined
    Aug 28 '15 at 19:08
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    You can also filter by http status code and other features as well, like: domain, has-response-header, is, larger-than, method, mime-type, scheme, set-cookie-name, set-cookie-value, set-cookie-domain, status-code, and you can filter by multiple at a time, for example to see all requests that aren't a 200, 404 or 302, use: -status-code:200 -status-code:404 -status-code:302
    – Brad Parks
    May 27 '16 at 13:40
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    Using Chrome version "51.0.2704.79 (64-bit)" on Linux. Looks like the negative filtering has been removed? Anyone else seeing that?
    – Wilson F
    Jun 14 '16 at 23:35
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    Still seems to be broken as of Chrome 52, cannot get this feature to work sadly.
    – JKillian
    Aug 22 '16 at 20:53
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    Note that the "Regex" checkbox next to the filter input must be unchecked for this to work. Also note that -.js will exclude both .js and .json requests. For some reason the negative filter syntax does not seem to be covered in the most recent documentation.
    – James
    May 9 '17 at 17:27

You write -.png -.gif -.jp in the filter input box to exclude all images from the results. At the bottom it shows the total amount of data transferred without images.

An "Engineer at Google working on Chrome" twittered in Dec'14:

Chrome DevTools: Negative text filters just landed in the Network panel. List results not matching a given query Twitter Link

edit: you can even filter by domain, mime-type, filesize, ... or exclude by entering -domain:cdn.sstatic.net and combine any of these mime-type:image/png -larger-than:100K to show only png files smaller than 100kb in network panel

see DevTools: State Of The Union 2015 by Addy Osmani

Since Chrome 42.

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    Thanks, the domain: part is exactly what I was looking for right now. That and a bunch of others are currently covered in the documentation linked from the other answer
    – JMM
    May 26 '16 at 15:27

There isn't a very flexible filtering feature, but the bar at the bottom does allow you to only show requests of a certain document or connection type:

You can't just exclude images, but it should help.

You can also press Control/Command+F to search for a particular string in the request list, and check the "filter" box to hide requests that don't match:

enter image description here


Under my build of Google Chrome (Version 74.0.3729.157 (64-bit)), I've found the following filters available (I've added some examples). Note that DevTools has an AutoComplete functionality (which helps a lot in sorting this stuff out).

    # Use a * character to include multiple domains.
    # Ex:  *.com, domain:google.com, -domain:bing.com

    # Filter resources with the specified HTTP response header.
    # Ex: has-response-header:Content-Type, has-response-header:age

    # is:running finds WebSocket resources
    # I've also come across:
    #  - is:from-cache,
    #  - is:service-worker-initiated
    #  - is:service-worker-intercepted

    # Note: larger-than:1000 is equivalent to larger-than:1k
    # Ex: larger-than:420, larger-than:4k, larger-than:100M

    # method:POST, -method:OPTIONS, method:PUT, method:GET

    # Ex: mime-type:application/manifest+json, mimetype:image/x-icon

    # 2 that I've found documented: 
    #   mixed-content:all (Show all mixed-content resources) 
    #   mixed-content:displayed (Show only those currently displayed) (never used this personally)

    # Ex: scheme:http, scheme:https,
    # Note that there are also scheme:chrome-extension, scheme:data

    # Ex: set-cookie-domain:.google.com

    # Match Set-Cookie response headers with name
    # Ex: set-cookie-name:WHATUP

    # Match Set-Cookie response headers with value
    # Ex: set-cookie-value:AISJHD98ashfa93q2rj_94w-asd-yolololo

    # Match HTTP status code
    # Ex: status-code:200, -status-code:302

Update 2021:

In new update chrome, you can choose some content type JS, CSS, IMG, Font,... for filter request easily; See:
enter image description here (now I'm on version 93.0.4577.63)

Older solution:

A simple and short and quickly solution:

Just put -.

For don't show any url with extension (static contents), so you have URLs clearly in here.

regex filter


Like -MimeType you can use domain in filter input, like this:



enter image description here

If you open the developer tools, choose network. From the bar at the bottom of the page, choose images if you want to look specifically for image requests. The filters are all exclusive, so you can not filter out just image requests. There you go.


Adding a -MimeType:image/jpeg filter worked for me.

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