According with http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/audiofx/Equalizer.html#getNumberOfBands(), we can see the description of method getNumberOfBands() - Gets the number of frequency bands supported by the Equalizer engine.

Do this depend of device or android version???



Frequency depends on hardware So according to my knowledge it must depend on Device.

And you can also test(check) it by upgrading your phone. test number of bands before upgrade and after upgrade if NumberOfBands are same then I am absolutely right.


I guess it most probably depends on Device.


I was curios about this too. But I'm not that sure if this depends on the device type. I tested this on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and on a Samsung J5, and on both devices I get 5 bands of frequency, and I don't know why. Another thing is on the J5 in the Google Play Music app I have 7 freq bands, and on the SGS8+ in the same app(Google Play Music) there are 9 freq bands. I don't know why but if anyone knows why this is happening please let us know.

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