How to use spring expression to read file content and put it into a string?

I would like to do the following.

For example,

File f;

String sql;

Or even better

String sql;

However, none of above code work.

Just to mention I am using spring version 3.2.0



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Finally got the answer myself...

@Value("#{T(org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils).readFileToString(" +
    "T(org.springframework.util.ResourceUtils).getFile('classpath:myquery.sql')" +
String sql;

sql is now default filled by the exact content of myquery.sql under classpath


There is a similar question answered here which use Java configuration.

public class Spring {

    private Resource sampleHtml;

    public String sampleHtmlData() {
        try(InputStream is = sampleHtml.getInputStream()) {
            return IOUtils.toString(is);

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