In GDB I am trying:

gdb> p/s *0x0804b680

Which gives me:

$6 = 0x6c627550

Clearly it should have printed out lbruP, or am I wrong?

  • Which I did. So I'm sure my GDB is malfunctioning since it is outputting only half of the answer. Usually the output will be "$6 = 0x6c627550 'lbruP'".
    – drum
    Feb 2, 2013 at 6:33

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for char* p = "abcde";


p /s p 

e.g. not *p

(gdb) p /s p
$9 = 0x40060c "abcde"

If your p is not of type char* (e.g, void* v = p ) you can cast it or use the x command

(gdb) p /s (char*)v
$7 = 0x40061c "abcde"
(gdb) x /s v
0x40061c:    "abcde"
  • That's because p is already a pointer type. In my case 0x0804b680 is just a number and when 'p /s 0x0804b680' outputs '0x0804b680'. By prefixing '*', I'm telling GDB to treat 0x0804b680 as a pointer instead.
    – drum
    Feb 2, 2013 at 6:26

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