I'm designing program that should demonstrate open CV on images. I've noticed very bad concept of basic SDL application - it consists of loop and delay.

while(true) {
    while(event_is_in_buffer(event)) {
    do_some_delay(100);       //Program is stuck here, unable to respond to user input

This makes the program execute and render even if it is on background (or if re-rendering is not necessary in the first place). If I use longer delay, I get less consumed resources but I must wait longer before events, like mouse click, are processed.
What I want is to make program wait for events, like WinApi does or like socket requests do. Is that possible?
Concept I want:

bool go=true;
while(get_event(event)&&go) {  //Program gets stuck here if no events happen
       case QUIT: go=false;

You can use SDL_WaitEvent(SDL_Event *event) to wait for an event in the SDL. It will use less resources than the polling loop design you currently have. See the example in this doc:

    SDL_Event event;

    while ( SDL_WaitEvent(&event) ) {
        switch (event.type) {

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