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I am trying to establish a database using PHP but I keep getting errors saying I have an undefined index in id.

I want to add data into my database, also able to update, delete and show the infomation. This is my update info codes.

// Connection to MySQL
$dbconnection = @mysql_connect('localhost','root','');
if (!$dbconnection) {
echo '<p> Unable to connect to the database at this time.</br></br></p>';
else {
echo '<p> connection to database is successful</br></br> </p>';}
//select Mysql Database-ijdb
if (!@mysql_select_db('disease')){
 exit('<p> Unable to locate the information on the database.</p>');

//Receive Variables from the GET of JOKELIST.php
// Print receieved variables to check accuracy

 $sql= "UPDATE dmd SET GeneticOrganisation ='".$GeneticOrganisation."' WHERE id                
$sql= "UPDATE dmd SET ProteinInformation ='".$ProteinInformation."' WHERE id  ='".$dmdid."'";                                
 $sql= "UPDATE dmd SET Symptoms ='".$Symptoms."' WHERE id ='".$dmdid."'";
$sql= "UPDATE dmd SET Population ='".$Population."' WHERE id ='".$dmdid."'";
$sql= "UPDATE dmd SET Cure ='".$Cure."' WHERE id ='".$dmdid."'";
$sql= "UPDATE dmd SET OriginOfDisease ='".$OriginOfDisease."' WHERE id ='".$dmdid."'";
if (!@mysql_query($sql))
 echo "<p> Information could not be updated-".mysql_error();
echo "<p> Information updated successfully";
echo '<a href="diseaseInfo.php"> View the information on the disease here.';


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It sounds like $_POST['id'] isn't being set.

You need to make sure it's being set before using it, or check if it's set and give it a default value if it isn't.


if (isset($_POST['id'])) { // If the id post variable is set
    $dmid = $_POST['id'];
} else { // If the id post variable is not set
    $dmid = 1;

The following line will most likelt cause it:


Verify your form (or other POST supplier) provides the 'id' key. with something like:

<input type="hidden" name="id"  value="xx"/>
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